Top 10 Fat Loss Tips for you

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by ismail oubarka
It may be wet outside, but don't let that get you off track. So we thought we could help you get a head-start with losing those extra kilos before the winter months quickly fade into the spring and summer months. Here are our top 10 tips that you can start incorporating into your day from today:

TIP 1:
Start minimising bread, pasta, rice and fruits. This will lower your carbohydrate intake, helping you lean-up. This is particularly important if you spend most of your day behind the desk (you just DON'T NEED all that energy when your not moving much during the day).

TIP 2:
Increase your protein (chicken, meat, eggs, fish, PROTEIN SHAKES, etc), good fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil, etc) and green veggie (broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, etc) intake.

TIP 3:
Eat regular small meals throughout the day (every 3 hours) and make sure you have protein in each meal.

TIP 4:
BE PREPARED - Have a small bag of nuts and a protein bar in your bag for the desperate times. It will save you!

TIP 5:
Make fish-oil your best friend! Fish oil is another form of good fats which assists in stored-fat loss, balances blood sugar (helps with the sugar cravings throughout the day), elevates mood, helps lower cholesterol, stimulates growth hormone release and many more benefits. Just make sure you select a good quality fish oil!

TIP 6:
Have a good quality multi-vitamin. You will see a boost in energy, it can assist in minimising stress, and provides the body with nutrients which most of us may be missing from our diets. This will help your organs function better and therefore your body will perform better.

TIP 7:
Use L-Carnitine to stimulate the use of stored fat as your source of energy when training or during daily activities. On training days, take it 30-40 minutes before training, on non-training days, take it first thing in the morning before eating.

TIP 8:
Get rid of MILK from your diet... this includes SKIM (it is full of lactose which most people are intolerant. Lactose is also a form of sugar, therefore a carbohydrate!). You can still eat cheese, within moderation. What about soy milk? Soy can increase estrogen, meaning looking more bloated/soft rather than toned. And if you're worried about calcium, then do what cows do. Eat green veggies.

TIP 9:
Keep water intake up. If you urine is dark, it means you're dehydrated so drink more water! Check-it-out next time, it is the most accurate indicator. It should be almost clear if you are properly hydrated.

TIP 10:
DO SUPER-SET STYLE WEIGHT TRAINING to build muscle tissue and lean-up at the same time! It takes more energy to sustain muscle than fat, meaning you burn more fat in normal every day activity if you build muscle tissue... you don't need to look like Arnie, just do some form of resistance weight training! Super-setting your weight training significantly increases the heart rate, which is what we all attempt to do when we do cardio training. An example of how you can super-set is as follows e.g. For a chest and back workout, you can super-set by doing a set of chin-ups (for your back), followed immediately by a set of bench press (for your chest) with NO REST IN BETWEEN. Repeat this set another 2 times.
Incorporate any or all of these tips, and you will see results within a week. These are lifestyle changes, so make them part of your everyday routine to get the most success most success, for now and the future.

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